It is a modern and innovative line of female reflective accessories. Stylish hangers and keyrings are perfect to refresh every purse’s look and do not go unnoticed. Those are definitely the prettiest reflectors on the menu! along with the elegant wrappings, they make the perfect advertising gift.

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Select your type of a product

Project Planning

Decide on your printing: LOGO, text, picture - we can print whatever you need!


The salesperson will contact you to select the printing form and explain the pricing


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Many uses of reflective tassels & pompons:

Be safe with reflective tassel
How to protect yourself child outdoors
How to protect your child?
Be safe with reflective shopping bag
Reflective gym bag
Safe way to school

Ask your salesperson about the available printing options.

Due to insufficient space, we cannot print on the tassels - however, we can print your logo on the mount and offer completely personalized eco packages.

How to promote brand?

Our quality

In Refloactive we make sure to offer products made in Europe that meet the highest standards of quality.
We take the requirements of EU legislation seriously and adapt our products to the applicable law. Our reflectors meet a number of standards, the credibility of which has been confirmed by notified bodies:
- EN 17353 standard,
- EN 13356 standard,
- EU Regulation 2016/425.


For every reflector, at our customer's request, we can prepare the declaration of conformity with a given certificate. You just need to inform us that you will be needing it.

Resistance to wear-and-tear

With high quality and careful manufacturing comes increased resistance to everyday use. This way your reflectors will be of use much longer than the cheapest alternatives.

Highest standards of customer service

Our crew are always happy to answer your inquiry or give any advice regarding your order! We offer service in several languages.

Some of our tassels & pompons:

Reflective Pompon
Reflective Unicorn Pompon
Reflective Tassel
Reflective Pink Tassel
Reflective Heart and Pompon
Reflective Rainbow Tassel
Custom package for reflective pompon
Custom package

Your campaign - your order - your packaging! We can design both standard and eco custom wrappings for your products. Their shape and content is entirely up to you.
For ready-made products such as reflective vests, mascots etc. we use bags of ecological biodegradable plastic substitute made with biofilm technology. Corn-based “plastic” is one of the most brilliant recent innovations and helps to make our merchandise ever more environmentally-responsible.

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Check out our catalog

All the questions you might have - answered in the newest edition of our Refloactive Catalog 2023.

Refloactive Catalogue 2023

Get familiar with our pricing lists

Our prices usually vary depending on the size of your order. Generally, we apply three pricing categories depending on our history and relationship: Standard, Silver and Gold. This means that our most valued customers can enjoy discount up to 30% on their entire order.




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        Check out more of our products

        Soft Hangers

        The most popular reflectors that come in all possible shapes and sizes. Check out our lady collection - hangers that look great on elegant purses!

        Reflective Soft Hanger


        Our 2D and 3D mascots with hangers reflect light, providing safety on the road. They are loved by children and appreciated by adults.

        Reflective Mascots


        Our reflectors are made in Europe and 80% of our source materials are also of European origin. Some particular accessories are provided by the Far East, i.e. the fixings.

        In general such details are agreed with our sales team, because we consider each order individually. Usually it is about 100 pcs.

        If you cannot find the shape you need, we can develop a custom one just for you. Usually a typical MOQ is 500 pcs.

        Shipping within the EU usually takes 2-7 working days and we use the UPS.

        Yes, we are one of the very few manufacturers who take European certification very seriously. Our products are either certified as finished goods or are made from certified reflective films.Our Reflectors are mostly personal protective equipment within the meaning of EU Regulation 2016/425. We issue an EU Declaration of Conformity for them on the conformity of the product with the aforementioned Regulation.

        No problem. We do that all the time. In addition to wrappings, we provide various additional packaging services.

        Yes, we can even design your own custom eco packages.

        Yes, we offer reflectors that are made from eco foil, entirely PVC free. This is the latest range of reflectors made of environmentally friendly TPU film, instead of PVC. Th Enfren reflective film meets the requirements of EN 17353, so it has very high reflective parameters.

        Yes, we have our own print shop, which allows us to be versatile in terms of used materials. Our marking techniques are: direct screen printing, reflective transfer and DTF.

        The EU 17353 replaced the EN 13356 standards (for reflective accessories, armbands, pendants, key rings, suspenders) It is not a direct rewriting of the old guidelines, but it has significantly increased the required reflective surfaces that a product must have in order to become PPE and be CE marked. Therefore, not every reflective film that met the requirements of EN 13356 passes the test for EN 17353. The new standard increases the quality requirements for reflective film by adding 2 new viewing angles. In addition, the new standard significantly increases the required minimal reflective surfaces, especially for permanently mounted accessories. Until now it was min. 15 cm2, now it is 180 cm2. For freely hanging accessories, the min reflective area is according to EN 17353 - it is 30 cm2 counted from both sides.

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