Refloactive was founded in 2008

Since then, we have continuously expanded and developed our range to become the leading manufacturer and importer of certified, customized reflective articles for agency advertising and consumer purposes. We specialize in manufacturing of various types of reflective products, from small reflectors such as pendants, armbands and reflective keyrings, to LED accessories perfect during sports, to professional reflective workwear sewn from the best breathable and waterproof materials.


What is our operation?

Our structure involves 30 employees, the HQ office and production is located in Bydgoszcz. We also hold sales branches in Białystok, that mostly cover our Eastern customers. Today our main clients are the Western European market. We cater to Germany, France and Scandinavia - and continue to gain new partners.

What do we do as a manufacturer?

We produce reflectors and overprint them with our client’s logo. In that process we can either use the numerous molds and patterns or develop our client’s own shapes and designs.

Our advantage comes from flexible manufacturing of unique personalized items for every occasion. We are the perfect alternative to cheap reflector suppliers from the Far East. We have no doubt about the certification, the origin of the raw materials (we buy them directly from reputable manufacturers, not from intermediaries) – especially since it is a product as sensitive as the reflector – the personal protective equipment. Our products are made in Europe, our source materials come from mostly European suppliers. 


We design and create certified reflective products believing that they will significantly contribute to the overall improvement of road safety, especially for pedestrians.

We want to raise public awareness regarding the need to wear reflectors daily and make them available in every store.

We firmly believe that with an inspired design, reflectors can be a safe and attractive accessory or everyone.

We are breaking with the image of a reflector known as a low-budget and mass-market gadget, emphasizing new quality and fashionable design.
Eco packages

Environmental responsibility

Our products are optionally confectioned and neatly packed in customized eco-packages, gift-sets along with customized individual labels and user’s manual. We use only biodegradable packaging, leading with state-of-the-art solutions, such as biofilm “plastic” foil made entirely with corn polymers.
The reflectors we offer do not contain phthalates or any harmful and toxic chemicals. During the manufacturing process we make sure that the environmental impact stays optimally reduced.  

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Our international profile

Refloactive is known for their presence at the most important showcases and fairs, both local and international. You can follow all our trade show activity in section NEWS, also on our Facebook page.
We are proud to be a member of PSI and an official partner supplier of IPPAG and Prominent. 

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