You probably already know "The Treflik Family"

The show revolves around the family members, offering a delightful blend of humor, adventure, and valuable life lessons. The animated series skillfully combines entertaining storylines with endearing characters, creating an engaging and educational experience for its viewers. With its vibrant animation and positive themes, "The Treflik Family" has become a cherished part of children's entertainment.

“Babies and the Bear” is a lovely spin-off, featuring some younger versions of Treflik's characters. It is a one-of-a-kind series for the youngest children. The short dialogue-free form along with the stop motion animation method, subdued colors, clean backgrounds and interesting world presented in the cartoon make it a quality watch for children.

Now we can use the licensed “Babies and the Bear” characters to create a charming collection of reflectors designed especially for kids! These reflectors not only enhance visibility during low-light conditions, but also add an element of enjoyment with familiar characters, making safety measures an engaging and positive experience for kids. 

Refloactive Catalogue 2023

Check out the entire line featuring Treflik's and their baby friends!

Examples of reflectors with licensed characters

Why is it so important to purchase certified products?

Do not miss this limited collection of reflectors featuring the most beloved cartoon characters! Reflectors made with certified foil such as pendants, keychains or zip pullers guarantee plenty of fun and highest protection against the lack of visibility on the road.

Personalize your reflectors using our Trefllik license!

Treflik reflectors for kids can be customized according to the client’s specific needs. All the patterns that use Treflik characters are under copyrights and Refloactive is licensed to use them creatively.  

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