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Eco gift packs with reflectors make an exceptional choice, effectively combining sustainability with practicality. By using only carton biodegradable packaging, Refloactive helps to reduce waste and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The set consists of most popular and practical reflectors that enhance visibility in low-light conditions, making it a valuable accessory for cyclists and pedestrians. This amazing promotional gift with your logo is capable of making a positive impact both personally and environmentally.

They’re sets, not set in stone! - personalize freely

What makes these eco gift packs with reflectors even more special is the option for customization, allowing you to tailor the set specifically to your needs. From choosing the type of product itself to selecting specific imprinted designs that resonate with the individual taste, customization adds a personal touch to the gift. Additionally, the packaging can also be personalized, offering a visually appealing presentation of a client’s logo. Whether it's selecting a favorite color scheme or adding a personalized message, the ability to customize the entire set enhances the marketing potential, making it a truly memorable promotional tool.

Why is it so important to purchase certified products?

Certification helps guard the highest standards for the PPE (personal protective equipment). EU standards are constantly being updated to assure the maximum performance and durability of a reflector. Reflectors made with non-certified materials are far inferior and their effectiveness in terms of providing safety can be called into question.

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