New Arrivals in Refloactive

We are happy to showcase some new innovative products and assure you, that, as always - new designs come with excellent, certified quality.

Keeping up with the trends - maintaining standards

As a leading manufacturer of certified reflectors in Europe, our responsibility is to provide our customers with the most imaginative products and the best quality of service. We do not only follow the latest fashions in the world of reflective accessories - we try to stay ahead of the trends, so that our customers could enjoy the best possible options to enhance their advertising campaigns. Below, you can find some of our new arrivals - recently developed products that guarantee to meet your expectations. 

Full Reflective Beanie Cap

You might find it hard to believe, but this stylish cap is also a protective measure! Crafted with high-quality reflective material, it ensures visibility in low-light conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging, biking, or walking. The beanie not only keeps you warm and comfortable but also enhances safety by adding an additional reflective protection during nighttime adventures. With its trendy design and practicality, Refloactive beanie caps successfully combine fashion and safety for an active lifestyle.

Made from acrylic and reflective yarn, accompanied by polar fleeces inside for extra warmth and comfort. One size fits all adults. Light and elastic. During daylight its color appears black/dark gray, but it turns astonishing silver while reflecting the light.

3M Reflective Stickers

You might be already familiar with our textile reflective stickers, made with a special glue that holds them firmly even after washing. But these new designs are a whole different level! They surely bring flair to any clothing or accessories while ensuring visibility in low-light settings. Designed with premium reflective material, they make you stand out during evening strolls, bike rides, or any evening outings. A very practical choice for those who prioritize both style and safety in their everyday adventure!

Made with renowned 3M reflective tape made in the USA and special patented textile glue, which shows resistance to washing machine but acts without damaging your clothes.

Geometric Silver Reflective Soft Hangers

New elaborate designs are what distinguishes those stylish hangers from other soft reflectors. Beautiful silver pendants or keychains, made from certified reflective foil, are a more “masculine” alternative to reflective charms attached to purses. It's a brand new pattern with consistently excellent quality for best advertising experience.

Waterproof Fully Reflective Backpack Cover

It’s a definite must-have for both adventurers and regular city-dwellers. Elaborated with high-quality waterproof material, 100% certified reflective fabric this cover ensures your belongings stay dry in unpredictable weather. The entire surface is embedded with reflective technology, guaranteeing enhanced visibility during low-light conditions for added safety during nighttime commutes or outdoor activities. Now you will be safe - and so will your equipment.

When folded, the backpack cover doesn’t take up much space at all. Light and practical, it constitutes a perfect marketing gift with a huge space for advertising message, graphics or logo.

Mini Reflective Mascots

What’s more adorable than little mascot pendants? Even smaller, mini reflective mascots! But do not make a mistake - those cute fluff balls are crafted with the highest quality, certified reflective fabric and provide no less protection from dark than other similar accessories! Their size makes them even more convenient to use whenever reflective protection is needed. Attached to the backpack or outer clothing, they make compelling gadgets for children and a nice little detail for adults

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