EN 17353 standard - breakthrough in the reflective market.

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Until now, producing and using cheap advertising gadgets made of uncertified reflective film and referring to them as "life-protecting reflectors" was a major misuse. In fact, such a gadget is an advertising medium, but it does not increase visibility. Unfortunately, most companies with non-certified reflectors in their offer operate this way. Uncertified reflector is not an item of personal protective equipment, as it does not meet EU standards for the protective function of PPE. For this reason, such a product can be considered a worthless gadget that does not ensure safety.

Retreat from non-certified reflectors

Fortunately, the EU legislator noticed the situation and took firm legal steps to regulate it. He did so out of concern for road safety. As a result, EN 17353 came into force in 2021. The new standard significantly increased the requirement for the quality of the reflective film used and established a minimum reflective area. An accredited body now tests the reflectivity of the film from different angles. In addition, it checks such characteristics as durability and abrasion resistance. This means that not all films used up to date are able to meet EU standards. As of September 5, 2022, accredited bodies can no longer issue a certificate for the previous standard (EN 13356). It is worth adding that the process of bringing a certified reflector to market is extremely demanding and expensive for the manufacturer. Such a product must undergo a series of complex tests at a body that is accredited by the EU to conduct such tests. Certified protective products have the right to be marked with the CE mark and the number of the reflective standard - EN 17353.

Quality = Safety

Refloactive as a manufacturer of certified reflectors has thoroughly prepared for the aforementioned changes. For years we have been using a film that meets the upcoming standards. Our priority has always been to ensure safety after dark - our products are second to none and reflect light perfectly. Thanks to our certified reflective accessories, a pedestrian is visible to a car driver from a distance of up to several hundred meters. The investment in laboratory testing and positive CE conformity assessment has made us significantly increase our market share not only in Western Europe, but also in Poland.  

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