Reflectors made with certified materials by Reflomax 

Reflomax is one of the best manufacturers of microprismatic reflective tape.

They are known for producing a wide range of retroreflective materials, which are designed to enhance visibility and safety in various applications. These materials are often used in traffic signs, road markings, vehicle license plates, and other safety-related products.

Reflomax is recognized for its expertise in the field of retroreflection technology, and the company's products play a crucial role in improving visibility during low-light conditions, such as nighttime or adverse weather. Enhanced visibility is essential for road safety, and reflective materials contribute significantly to reducing accidents and improving overall transportation safety.

We are proud to add AGR MAX certified reflective tape to our main source materials.

Refloactive Catalogue 2023

Two shiny options

Now innovative AGR MAX reflective tape is available in two colors: yellow and silver.
Both are certified according to the new and more restrictive EN 17353 standard.

Examples of reflectors using AGR MAX film

Since high quality and CE certification are always our biggest concern, Refloactive offers many products that feature AGR MAX - a material that strictly conforms with EN 17353.

Why is it so important to purchase certified products?

Certification helps guard the highest standards for the PPE (personal protective equipment). EU standards are constantly being updated to assure the maximum performance and durability of a reflector. This is why Refloactive uses AGR MAX film, which conforms with the most recent EN 17353 standard. Reflectors made with non-certified materials are far inferior and their effectiveness in terms of providing safety can be called into question.

Available in ECO version

Refloactive helps to reduce plastic pollution by using only biodegradable packaging and wrappings. Our ECO carton units provide a simple yet elegant solution! They can be entirely customized according to the customers’ requirements.

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