Our reflectors combine functionality with ease of use and not only offer security in the dark, but are also a great advertising medium.
It is a popular protection product for hikers, joggers, cyclists, joggers etc. , who often travel in the dark.

As a manufacturer we use only high quality components, most of them are of European or Korean origin. We ensure that our products are free of harmful phthalates and plasticizers.
We manufacture them in several sizes, according to the customer’s choice.
All reflectors are manufactured in Poland from the ground up, and our customers decide for themselves what kind of reflective foils they are made of. We work with several suppliers of certified reflective films, so we can confidently offer a variety of price and quality variants tailored to the needs and budgets of our customers.

Remember that! Only reflectors made of yellow or silver foils are certified according to EN 13356:2001 and may be designated as warnings. The minimum unprinted reflector area shall be at least 15 cm2 for the product to fulfil the warning function.

We use 4 basic types of reflective film from the following suppliers to produce our reflectors:

Reflomax (Corée du Sud)

nous sommes le représentant unique

C'est un fabricant certifié et reconnu de films réfléchissants, qui sont utilisés pour: les plaques d'immatriculation des voitures:
  • Sécurité personnelle
  • Matériaux de signalisation routière
  • Marquage des véhicules
  • Mode et accessoires
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Advantages: The film as a raw material meets the requirements of standard EN 17 353, colours to choose from: silver, yellow.

Each reflector made of AGR foil, with an unprinted surface of at least 15 cm2, meets the requirements of EN 17 353:2001 as a finished product, which we as a manufacturer can confirm with the Declaration of Conformity.


Advantages: many foil colours for your choice: silver, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, pink Film tested for freedom from heavy metals and plasticizers. Ideal for making gadgets with prints that are not safety products.. Disadvantages: The foil does not comply with the reflective standard EN13 356 ...


ORALITE® is a registered trademark of ORAFOL Europe GmbH

ORALITE® 2018 film is a tough weather resistant, highly reflective sheeting designed to be high frequency welded to a vinyl backing into various shapes.

Available colours : white and yellow

ORALITE® 2018 is composed of cube corner (microprism) retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced tough and weather resistant UV stabilized polymeric film.

ORALITE® is designed to meet the photometric requirements of EN 17353:2020 . Compliance with EN17353:2020 is the responsibility of the converter due to variety in final product configuration.

Orafol is the only film that meets the latest requirements of standard EN 17 353:2020, which are more stringent than those of standard EN 13 356, and the range of tests and their tests are significantly expanded.

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3M Scotchlite

Reflective films according to EN 13 356:2001,

Available colours: white and yellow

Each reflector made of 3M foil with an unprinted surface of at least 15 cm2 meets the requirements of EN13 356:2001 as a finished product, which we as a manufacturer can confirm with a declaration of conformity upon customer request. Important: The 3M Scotchlite reflex film is no longer produced in the USA since March 2020, but our company still has this raw material in stock and can therefore offer 3M reflex films for some time.
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Sous impressions:

Since we make sure that reflectors made of certified reflective films retain their maximum protective function, we recommend the prints under the reflective film so that 100% of the reflective surface is retained. Under prints – we print with solvent white backing foil(even full colour with tonal transitions), then we add transparent reflective foil and weld the finished reflector together.

The print is slightly less visible and oblique – but the marking is inconspicuous, soft and not limited in area. In addition, a reflector marked in this way represents personal protective equipment certified by a certificate, which creates a positive image of the advertiser.

Other types of marking: screen printing on or under foil, digital printing on foil (also with transitions and raster)
We take care of the environment -

Filling films (foams), priming films, velour films (Flocking) which we use, are mostly of European origin with REACH compliance – filling foams (Polish production), priming films for under printing (German production), flocking (Italian production).
Self-adhesive paper for the production of stickers - Dutch production and FSC certified.

Paper for the instructions production:
FCS certified and produced in Scandinavia.

Film for single packaging: Certified, made in Poland, safe in contact with food. This is important when our reflection is used e. g. cornflakes.