Advantages: many foil colours for your choice: silver, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, pink Film tested for freedom from heavy metals and plasticizers. Ideal for making gadgets with prints that are not safety products.. Disadvantages: The foil does not comply with the reflective standard EN13 356 – also silver and yellow. This means that the concentration of the reflective prisms on 1 cm2 is not sufficient to meet the certification standards. Although the manufactured snap band with a large surface comply with EN13 356, where soft hangers are not due to their small area.

Note: The yellow and silver RGR film is indistinguishable from the certified AGR film on the eye – it looks the same and has the same holograms. Unfortunately, the quality of the two slides is completely different and the light reflection of RGR gadgets is much lower than that of AGR, so they do not fulfil any protective functions. Therefore, the offer of some producers of reflective REFLOMAX films does not mean that certified films are used for the production, on the contrary, the price of the product shows that they offer a cheaper, non-certified replacement.