1. Which European safety standards should reflectors meet?

EN 13356:2001 - Testing method for Visibility accessories for non-professional use High visibility accessories are items intended to be worn by individuals, they include slap wraps, reflective hangers, belts and other dangling accessories. They are only assessed for their retro-reflectivity.

This standard specifies the optical performance requirements for accessories which are to be worn, attached to or carried by people and designed for non-professional use. Visibility accessories complying with this standard are intended to signal the user's presence visually when illuminated by vehicle headlight on dark roads. This standard is not applicable to garments.

EN 1150:1999 - This Standard specifies the optical performance requirements for high-visibilty clothing to be worn by adults and by juveniles, and designed for non-professional use. High-visibility clothing for non-professional use is intended to signal the user's presence visually in any daylight condition and, when illuminated by vehicle headlights or search lights in the dark as well as lit up in urban roads.  This standard is not applicable to accessories to be carried by persons or attached to garments.

EN ISO 20471 Class 2. Class 2 - Work clothing provides good visibility for roadworks, courier services and twilight work. Today, in more and more industries, employees need to wear safety workwear. In particular, this applies to industries where a large part of the work takes place near traffic, cranes and other motorised vehicles, as well as work that takes place in the dark. And it is a good investment. EN ISO 20471 certified safety workwear keeps employees safe while they concentrate on work. The employees will be visible at night, during the day, and from all angles, including from the rear where it is impossible for them to see. With the right EN ISO 20471 safety workwear, neither reflectors nor the fluorescent material will be hidden by blind angles.

2. Is the product made in Poland/Europe?

Yes, the production lines are located in Poland, as is the adjoining print shop. We are 100% independent and carry out productions from the design phase to printing, production, packaging and shipping.

This has an enormous impact on the quality of the products we offer, as we are able to control all steps of the production process ourselves.

Many products are sewn by us or our cooperation partners in Polish sewing plants, whereby Oeko-TEX materials are sourced from proven European sources.

3. How many printing colours and which techniques can you print with?

The number of printing colours for standard labelling depends exclusively on the order of our customers. We mark our reflectors with the following methods:

- Reflectors made of plastic: printing and under printing with screen printing, solvent under printing, digital printing, pad printing, engraving

- Textiles: direct screen printing (separated or triad), transfer screen printing, reflective screen printing, flex, sublimation, reflective thermal transfer, DTF

4. Maximum print on the bracelet/pendants etc.

It depends on the size of the pendant, the bracelet, the key chain – when we print on foil, remember to leave mines behind. 15 cm2 unprinted area.

Under print – enough to reflect the reflection itself had min 15cm2 reflective, because the pressure applied to the backing foil, under the reflective foil, does not affect the reflection of light.

It is particularly important to investigate the unprinted reflective surface with individual, new forms of reflective accessories. Our graphic designers are always at your side with expert advice. If the requirement of 15 cm2 of retro-reflective surface is not met, the reflection is no longer a protection and we cannot issue a declaration of conformity according to EN 13 356:2001.
Of course, this rule only applies to certified reflective film that has conformity as raw material EN 13 356:2001.

5. Can I get samples of your items

Of course, after the first B2B login, we offer every interested customer a standard package with free samples and a catalogue.

6. What are the benefits of accessing the B2B panel?

Your company becomes our business partner and joins the REFLOACTIVE family. In addition:
  • You have access to the price configurator
  • You will get to know all variants of the independent assembly of reflectors,
  • You can use all our ready-made punching tools,
  • Your orders work with higher discounts than standard
  • You will be the first to be informed about our news and promotions for partners from time to time
  • You have access to a database of photos and promotional materials.

7. Why is it so expensive?

Price is a relative term. It must always be related to the product quality offered and other retro-reflective products of this kind, but in the same or similar quality class. We guarantee that our offer is advantageous in the competition, and it is best for you to see our advantage personally by working with us.

It is important to be aware that you are working with a reliable partner who is only based on original materials of the highest quality.