In our Polish factory and print shop, we produce reflectors according to individual orders and customer requirements.

Therefore, with us, the customer can choose the size, shape, colour, print, quantity, reflective accessories to obtain a satisfactory target product that meets your expectations and budget.

Especially for the convenience of our B2B customers, we have created a configuration field in which everyone can assemble the reflectors as required.
The price of the finished product is influenced by:
  • reflective size,
  • the type of reflective film used,
  • method of fastening,
  • type of imprint
  • quantity
  • whether the production is based on a ready-made stamping tool, or whether we should produce new customized moulds for a surcharge of +90€ (this extends the realization time by approx. 5 working days).
  • packaging (unit packing, instructions).

Reflective pendants are produced in 4 basic sizes, which we have divided into 4 price groups from A to D. No matter what shape of the pendant you want to make, remember that you can custom pendant in different sizes, which is closely related to the price. That’s why when you set the price for pendants, stickers, etc. to make sure that the price of the group is selected (approximate size), as the price on the right side of the configurator is changed.

The smaller the pendant, the more we will place on the production sheet (es like cutting cookies out of a cake square – you get more small cookies than big ones out of a dough sheet). These are the prices that are so different.

The shape is unimportant and the total area is in cm2.
A – the most advantageous and economical difference is the reflective surface 25 cm2.
(e. g. 5x5 cm, 4x5 cm, 6x3 cm, etc. )
B – is the most popular variant, reflective surface up to 35 cm2
(6,5x5cm, 4 x7cm, 5,5x5,5cm etc. )
C – reflective surface up to 55cm2
(6x7cm, 8x5,5cm, 9x4cm)
D – reflective surface up to 72cm2
(8x9. 5cm, 8. 5x8. 5cm)
All of the above rules also apply to individual reflective stickers.

Reflective snap bands are divided into 4 basic groups:
A - Reflective straight bracelets with self-standing sheet metal inside are available in the following lengths:
  • 24x3cm
  • 30x3cm
  • 34x3cm
  • 38x3cm
  • 40x3cm
B - Reflective self-cutting bracelets with a self-restraining sheet in the middle, but with an additional stamped tab, most commonly in the form of a logo.

Available length:
  • 34x3cm
C - Self-cutting reflective bracelets wide with self-locking plate facing inwards.

Available lengths:
  • 38x5cm
  • 40x5cm
D - Reflective bracelets with Velcro

Available lengths:
  • 40x3cm

Back of the bracelets can be finished up with velour flock in different colours : grey, black, white, red and blue.
We recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with our product range and the different sizes and prices in which we also offer other reflective products such as:
loop straps, stickers, zip puller, etc.

In addition to the production of reflective PVC foil, we offer a whole range of reflective finished products, which we have in stock and which we print individually.

How to place an order

01. Get in contact

With our kind and helpful sales department or access our B2B platform. You will be asked to determine your needs in terms of the type of material, fastening variety and packaging details. There is the wide selection of ready shapes available.

However, you may also request a customs shape. Pls remember to specify a printing type, (on or under reflective surface) and method (solvent, screen or digital printing). Or pls access our B2B platform to configure customized product by you specify inquiry.

02. Send your logo

It is a time to attach your genuine logo , texts or any other components which are needed to prepare an artwork. Finally, you will receive the artwork with a price offer.

03. Approve the artwork

When all the details are agreed, pls place an order by email, then you will be asked to give the shipping address and arrange the date of delivery

Waiting a while...

It usually takes around 1-2 weeks to manufacture ready shapes. However, producing custom shapes and index cards may result in extended waiting time.

04. Enjoy your reflectors!

Our products are delivered via UPS Standard or by inquiry Express Shipping Service to each European country. Once your order is sent, you will immediately receive an e-mail with commercial invoice and a tracking number.


In the area of clothing, we have set the highest standards.

We supply the reflectors according to the specific requirements of our customers – by default we offer different types of instructions and labels, whose graphics you can customize by uploading your own file with the text of the instruction manual in the desired language.

There is no obstacle to putting your customer’s name, address and logo on the instructions. If you have no further requests, we provide you with our standard manual graphics in English, German. The individual packaging and the addition of instructions are of course an extra option and not a requirement.

Would you like a different, special packaging?
We will send you some additional suggestions or realize your special requests!


We have been working successfully with the largest retail chains in Poland and Europe for many years and because of that gained a lot of experience in the consumer market.

For this reason, we have decided to expand our offer with licensed reflectors. Our team is well trained in dealing with retail chains and their requirements. Not only we offer a perfect product, but also displays, special packaging and taking care of all the logistics associated with the supply of reflectors to the network.

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact our sales department at: