3M schotchlite silver snap tape

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Reflective snap in 3M Schotchlite certified film - 34 x 3 cm.

Test certificate 313955A01 - 3M Schotchlite reflective material.

The offer of snap-on reflective tapes dedicated to demanding and uncompromising customers who are looking for the best reflective products.

Professional personal protective equipment - made with the highest quality 3M Schotchlite film.

Pedestrian visibility: min. At a distance of 800 m (applies to unprinted product).

3M Schotchlite hologram visible on the strip (3 triangles - 1 isosceles and two rectangular).

Made of reflective film with a light reflection coefficient of min. 700 cd / lux / m2.

Band colors available: yellow / silver (bands of this class are not available in other colors).

Stockings - gray flock (phthalate-free film, skin-friendly - recommended for allergy sufferers).

Dimension: 34 x 3 cm.

Printing possible on the tape or recommended: color sub-tape printing (conforms to CE standard).

The underprint under the film does not block the reflection of light - the reflective properties of the strip are preserved at 100% despite the printing.

Meets the requirements of CE EN 13356.