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Our magnetic clips in AGR certified film.

Test certificate 313955A01 - AGR reflective material.

An ideal replacement for a pendant or reflective band.

This reflector will be used as a reflective element magnetically attached to our clothes (jackets, t-shirts, pants, backpack, etc.).

Clip in AGR certified film - these clips are only available in two colors: yellow and silver.

Back of the clip: Phthalate-free gray flocking, generally used for the production of certified reflectors.

Light reflection coefficient 700 cd / lux / m2.

Product for printing.

Suggested printing methods: screen printing, pad printing, UV printing.

Do you want an impression? Send us your logo! Our graphic designers take care of the project.


The unprinted product is a means of personal protection within the meaning of the Regulation of the Minister of the Economy of 21.12.2005 Conformity to the Directive CE EN 13356.

Magnet Clips