About Us

REFLOACTIVE was founded in 2008. Since then, we have continuously expanded and developed our range to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of certified reflectors with European reach.

We constantly improve our quality, service and keep up with fashion latest trends and market demand.

We are the perfect alternative to cheap reflector suppliers from the Far East. We have no doubt about the certification, the origin of the raw materials (we buy them directly from reputable manufacturers, not from intermediaries) – especially since it is a product as sensitive as the reflector – the personal protective equipment.
We take the requirements of EU legislation seriously and adapt our products to the applicable law.

Our team is at your disposal with expert advice on the subject of reflectors and will be happy to answer your most difficult questions.

As a manufacturer, we approach every task flexibly and enthusiastically, and our team of graphic designers can convince everyone that every logo can be turned into a reflector.

That’s why we focus our offer primarily on the B2B and Retail segment.
Today, the safety and security of the business and the minimization of the risks associated with the management have gained in value.

That’s why so many of our customers are looking for local, European, established manufacturers. We appreciate the possibility of personal contact during many international trade fairs in which we participate, daily by phone and e-mail with our team.

We are pleased that you like our product range and cordially invite you to a long-term cooperation.